It's only a Game

It looks like this is not going to happen, Not sure why? I asked why the old game closed i was told because of to much BS in the forum i still don't understand that one. I was also told people would message Jeff all the time i don't get that one either. It's a game it's not real like any game take your wins with your losses that is how games are played yes?

Just post what you think and let's move on if the game. If the opens that's great if not this whole thing is a waste to bad but still a waste. So if the game does open back up it should be our job to keep the BS down to a Minimum Jeff is not a baby sitter for grown ups . If you see something politely message them and say Hey lets all be nice here it's only a game. But i would like to thank Jeff for his efforts for even considering to restart the game at all ..